BSM and Grommets

Bilateral Suction Myringotomy And Insertion Of Ventilating Tubes
A myringotomy is a small cut in the ear drum to drain fluid in the middle ear. Grommets are tiny tubes which are put into the hole created by myringotomy to keep? it open and provide prolonged ventilation.? These operations are usually done to relieve hearing loss due to middle ear fluid or recurrent ear infections.


Instructions for Surgery for BSM and Grommets

You may also refer to the Preparing for Surgery patient information sheet.

FASTING: (food & liquid) from midnight for a morning operation and from 7.30am for an afternoon operation, a light breakfast of tea and toast is OK prior to 7.30am.? Children under 14 may have clear fluids only up until 10.30am, (NO MILK) but definitely nothing after 10.30am.?

FORMS: Hospital admission forms and anaesthetic forms should be completed and returned to the hospital at least 3 days prior to the date of your operation.? If you have any queries regarding your operation please do not hesitate to contact Dr Nicholson’s rooms.

Avoid All Asprin Containing Products 2 Weeks Prior To Surgery

Post Operative Care for BSM and Grommets

  • Avoid water getting into the ears when washing hair or bathing.
  • Make a waterproof ear plug with vaseline and cotton wool, Blue Tac or moulded ear plugs.?
  • Swimming is permitted usually without ear plugs after one week and preferably after the post op visit.?
  • Pain or discharge from the ears signal trouble.? A clear lightly blood stained discharge may occur.? Let Dr Nicholson’s rooms know if this persists longer than 48 hours or becomes thick, yellow/green or smells.

?Contact Dr Nicholson urgently if:???????

  • temperature rises
  • ear drainage increases (odour or unusual bleeding)
  • increasing ear pain
  • headache, irritability, lack of appetite

Ensure you have a 2 week review appointment and contact us earlier if there are any problems. The tubes usually come out spontaneously in 6 - 12 months.? Very occasionally they need to be removed.? 70% of children have no further trouble, 30% may need further tubes.

Illustration Credit: Royal Australasian College of Surgeons & Mi-tec.
The complete College patient education pamphlet is available from your surgeon.

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